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0000017a-15d9-d736-a57f-17ff8d410000Race: U.S. SenateParty: RepublicanPolitical Experience: 1994-1998 – New Hampshire SenatePersonal: Married, one child; lives in HanoverEducation: Dartmouth CollegeCampaign WebsiteIssuesFormer chairman of the Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling, Rubens says his top priority is restoring economic growth and good-paying jobs. He supports a “simpler, flatter” tax code to keep companies from outsourcing jobs and fewer regulations on American businesses.“We need to fix our regulatory structure. We are now the seventeenth most economically free country in the world, we've slipped from third in just thirteen years. We've got to dial back these regulations. I'm proposing that every ten years, all these regulations be sunset. They go back to Congress, Congress looks at them... are they compliant with statute, are they constitutional, are they doing what they are supposed to be doing….”Rubens supports repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with ideas that “harness market forces” and increase consumer choice. That includes the interstate sale of insurance, allowing “young invincibles” to purchase a low-cost catastrophic policy and expanding health savings accounts.“I'm not in favor of mandating people to buy a product or service, and that includes health insurance. So we need to restructure the insurance marketplace so that people are incentivized to buy insurance. How do you do that? You let the free market - you let insurers and hospital and health providers, whether they be insurers or not or networks of hospitals and care providers - provide products and services that people want to buy.”Rubens is highly critical of U.S. foreign policy in Iraq and Syria, which he calls “crazy, haphazard” and has not made America safer. He believes the American military needs a long-term strategy to strengthen its intelligence-gathering and cyber-warfare capabilities.“So if there are cases when ISIS and other organizations are threatening American national security, we can use surgical mechanisms to eliminate these specific threats when on-the-ground and other means of intelligence discloses such threats, where ever they may originate from in the world.”

Rubens To Take Part In Town Hall Meeting At New England College


U.S. Senate candidate Jim Rubens will take part in a town hall meeting tonight at New England College in Henniker.

The Hanover businessman is a two-term Republican state Senator.

He is running for the Republican nomination to face Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in the U.S. Senate election in November.

Rubens will address students, faculty and community members at tonight’s town hall, which gets underway at 6 o’clock.

The event is free and open to the public.

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