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Cyclist Deaths Lead To Talk Of Bridge Widening

Lawmakers and city planners on the Seacoast are suggesting widening the Underwood Bridge on Ocean Blvd in Hampton. That’s after a driver hit four cyclists on the bridge last month. 

Senator Nancy Stiles of Hampton wants to see an engineering study of the Neil Underwood Bridge on the Hampton/Seabrook line.  She says as pedestrian, bicycle and automobile traffic increases, a two-lane bridge may no longer be sufficient.  

State Representative Fred Rice, also of Hampton, agrees.  At a meeting last Tuesday, he pointed out that the bridge is a nuclear evacuation route, so backed up traffic could cause very serious problems.

Stiles says the state has almost $7 million remaining for repairs to the bridge, after an initial rehabilitation that began in 2008.  The Neil Underwood Bridge is one of the state’s top red-listed bridges.

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