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A.G. Says He Wants Uniform Security At Supervised Visitation Centers

Courtesty of chambersandpartners.com

Attorney General Joe Foster says he’s working to make sure security is consistent at the state’s supervised visitation centers.

It’s been just over a month since a father shot and killed his 9-year-old son and then killed himself at the Manchester YWCA.

Foster told members of the Executive Council on Wednesday that he’s been meeting with various groups to learn what type of security measures should be in place.

The Executive Council unanimously approved a $40,000 sub grant for security for the Manchester YWCA’s visitation center.

Foster says the timing of the grant is not connected to last month’s shooting, but adds this type of funding may provide an opportunity going forward.

“We do feel that we can condition future grants on having a level of security that we think is appropriate and we want to find out what is appropriate under the circumstances.”

Officials say that a metal detector was not used when Muni Savyon brought a gun into a supervised visit with his son last month.

Savyon had made threats about killing himself and his son in the past.

Foster says he’s met with officials from the YWCA about making improvements to their security.

He says some centers have more funding for security than others.