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Widow Of Late N.H. Guardsman And Gay Rights Activist Reacts To DOMA Decision


The widow of gay-rights activist and New Hampshire Army National Guard Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Morgan says she’s pleased with the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act.

Karen Morgan says the decision to strike down DOMA is what her late wife fought for.

“If Charlie were here I think that she would say that she never doubted that this would happen. She wasn’t sure of the timing of it but she believed with every fiber of her being that this was going to happen and it was the right thing to do. She would be enormously happy for her family and friends who are affected by this decision. And I think that she would say that there’s probably more work to be done but that this is a moment to celebrate.”

Charlie Morgan died of cancer in February. She had fought for survivor benefits for her wife, Karen, in the last years of her life.

New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen says she has written letters to the Department of Defense and the Veteran Affairs Department to advocate for extended benefits for military families like Karen’s. The Pentagon has responded saying it's going to extend benefits to same-sex couples. 

Shaheen has since released the following statement: 

“The Pentagon’s announcement is a tremendous win for same-sex military families. I’ve long believed that each and every member of our military, their families, and their children deserve all the benefits they’ve earned. I only regret that Charlie isn’t here to celebrate history with us today.”