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State Troopers Association Criticizes O'Brien's Position On Gas Tax

The New Hampshire State Troopers Association criticized former Speaker Bill O’Brien for proposing additional revenue raised by increasing the gas tax be used only for infrastructure.

In a statement released Wednesday morning, the association says the state constitution allows for funding the supervision of traffic on state highways through the gas tax.

“It is extremely unfortunate to see Representative Bill O’Brien and his colleagues continuing to undermine the safety of our communities,” the association says.

The House is set to take up a proposal to increase the gas tax by 15 cents today.

O'Brien held a press conference Tuesday calling the proposal "unnecessary if we stop the ongoing raid of our highway funds." 

The troopers association was also critical of O’Brien’s leadership as speaker, saying his budget “clearly undermined the safety of our people” by eliminating 40 state troopers.

“While Governor Hassan’s budget makes fiscally responsible choices to put 15 more troopers on the road, Representative O’Brien and others are putting ideology ahead of safety by misleading the public,” the association says.