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Bill Seeks To Curb 'Double Dipping' Among N.H.'s Retired Public Employees

A Democratic lawmaker wants to ease financial pressure on the state retirement system by cracking down on the practice known as double dipping.

Representative Daniel Sullivan says his bill is meant to curb the practice of public employees retiring, then coming back to work in part-time positions while collecting a pension.

The bill would cut the number of hours retired employees could work each week from 32 to 24. Towns would be responsible for paying into the retirement system if employees go over their allotted hours.

"This isn't going to fix the system. There's other things in place to fix the system down the road. This is merely one more thing that contributes to the unfunded liability."

The New Hampshire Retirement System estimates that it’s currently 56 percent funded.

But during a recent hearing on the bill, Hampton Police Chief Jamie Sullivan says the change would significantly harm his department. He says he relies heavily on part-time employees, many of whom are retired police officers and teachers.

"By limiting the hours of what they can work is really going to hamper our operation and I believe public safety for us."

The bill is currently before the House Executive Departments and Administration Committee.