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Manchester Digs Out After Storm

Snow was still falling late Sunday afternoon, but most of Manchester's main roads were clear. The Queen City wasn't hit as hard as some forecasts predicted, allowing city workers to keep pace with the snow.

Downtown, most restaurants and businesses were open. Bobcats and sidewalk plows darted up and down Elm street, clearing paths for the few people who were out walking.

At the Derryfield Country Club, a couple dozen people made the best of the weather, building snowmen and sledding on one of the golf course's hills.

One Manchester man said that even though he didn't have to shovel, he still had one important job to do:

"My kids, who are in their thirties, needed to go sledding. And I had a four-wheel drive. It's a little sticky, and there are lots of people out here, but we're having a good time. I've already wiped out once while I was texting."

Despite heavy and wet snow, PSNH reported no power outages in the city.