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Outdoors Enthusiasts Out In The Storm

Cross country skiiers Gerri Schiffman (left) and her daughter Jessica Fefferman.JPG
Sean Hurley for NHPR

It’s dark and the winds are really starting to bluster in Waterville Valley when Jess Chabot snowshoes out of the woods near Town Square.

I lived in NH for a long time. Growing up my parents didn’t ski or anything. I hated the snow. They hated the snow. I hated the snow. But then like in my mid-20’s I was like Why do I hate the snow so much I’m stuck with it. So, you just gotta get a hobby. Snowshoeing you don’t have to be good at at all. You just put em on your feet. If you can walk you can snow shoe.

In cross country skies and also fresh from the woods Gerri Schiffman from Providence Rhode Island and her daughter Jessica Fefferman slide to a happy halt. 

We’re much better off here than we are down south where it’s much worse.

Sean Hurley:  So you escaped?

We escaped. We happily escaped.
The ride up was really easy. No traffic. Hardly any snow.

In the Waterville woods on Saturday, they’ll likely be both.  A traffic of  snowshoers and skiiers and plenty of snow.