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Education Funding Debate To Be Delayed After Senator Pulls Legislation


A State Senator is withdrawing plans for legislation that would amend the constitution to alter New Hampshire’s education funding formula.

State Senator Nancy Stiles says lawmakers already have enough on their plates this session, starting with crafting a two-year budget.

That’s part of the reason she is postponing for a year a proposal to change the state constitution to allow for targeted aid to needy school districts.

Stiles says putting the issue off until the 2014 session also gives lawmakers time to craft the right amendment.

“We needed to spend a little more time making sure that when we put the language out, it was the language all could agree on and all support. And we’re very, very close on language, narrowing it down to focus on targeting, and that’s why we’re putting it off until the second session.”

Stiles says she met with a group of House and Senate lawmakers last week and Governor Maggie Hassan on Wednesday to discuss the issue.

Stiles says Hassan also recommends delaying debate over an amendment until next year.

Since the Claremont school funding ruling, there have been more than 80 attempts to pass an education funding amendment. All have failed.