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Family Of N.H. Journalist Captured In Syria Looking For Answers


Family members of a freelance journalist from New Hampshire kidnapped in Syria say they are concerned about the lack of information from his captors.

During an appearance on NBC’s The Today Show on Tuesday, Diane Foley, journalist James Foley’s mother, says unlike the last time her son was kidnapped, the family has few details.

Foley, who is from Rochester, was held captive for more than a month in Libya in 2011.

"But he was sighted then. We have not even seen him. No one has witnessed him since he was kidnapped. We don't know who is holding him," Diane Foley said Tuesday.

It has been more than six weeks since Foley was taken captive in Syria on Thanksgiving Day.

Last week, his family broke their silence, pleading with his captors to release him unharmed.

But the identity of Foley’s captors remains unknown. The family told the Today show that they went public about his disappearance because of the lack of information.

The family has created a website, freejamesfoley.org, to help gather information on his disappearance.