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Exeter Hospital Provides an Extra Day of Hep C Testing

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Exeter Hospital is expanding its testing clinics to a third day, in its effort to explore the scope of the Hepatitis C outbreak.

The hospital where the Hepatitis C outbreak began is now offering testing from seven in the morning to six at night, Monday and Tuesday, and from seven to noon on Wednesday. The state is also offering free clinics through August eighteenth.

The state declared a public  health incident ahead of the clinics as more than three thousand people were sent letters recommending they get tested.

So far, thirty-one people have tested positive with the same strain of Hep C. Former lab technician David Kwiatkowski is charged with diverting painkilling drugs and contaminating needles that were later used on patients. A recent federal report has cited the hospital for leaving drug-filled syringes unattended.

Schedule info from NH DHHS

State-run clinics:

  • Cooperative Middle School, 100 Academic Way, Stratham on August 10 & 11
  • Timberlane Regional High School, 36 Greenough Rd., Plaistow on August 14 & 15
  • Manchester Health Department, 1528 Elm Street, Manchester, on August 16, 17, & 18
  • Rochester Middle School, 47 Brock Street, Rochester, on August 16

Other testing options include:

  • Exeter Hospital, August 13-15, 7 AM-6 PM (7-12 Wednesday)
  • Portsmouth Regional Hospital – Hampton, Monday-Thursdays, 8 AM-4 PM
  • Portsmouth Regional Hospital – Pease Trade Port, Monday-Thursdays, 8 AM-4 PM

Exeter Hospital testing requires an appointment.

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