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Manchester School Board Votes To Save 40 Positions

The Manchester School Board has voted to save 40 more teacher and staff positions.The board voted, 8-7, Wednesday night to take $2.3 million additional dollars out of a collection of expendable trust funds to be used for saving positions that we slated for layoffs. That number may vary depending on how the superintendent spends the additional money.  The board did stipulate that some of the money must go toward the restoration of four middle school assistant principals who were laid off.

This is on top of the $152 million budget that was approved by the Board of Aldermen, but still $8 million shy of what is required to keep programs at current levels. Only $1.5 million remains in the trust funds.

Mayor Ted Gatsas, who is also the chairman of the school board, voted against the measure. Manchester is the largest school district in the state but is currently second to last in per pupil funding. The board agreed to meet again next week.