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Lawmakers Hopeful on Ed. Amendment

Lawmakers are hopeful they can reach common ground on a education funding constitutional amendment.

Senators and House members want to limit the court's involvement in future funding plans.

Over the past year and a half the Senate and House have had differences when it comes to education funding amendments.

Both have passed proposals by the necessary 3/5ths majorities.

The House’s aims to all but eliminate court oversight and give local school districts greater authority to set standards.

Senate Republicans and Democratic Governor John Lynch say they want to preserve a role for the courts.

But now, with this legislative session almost over, lawmakers are making a final push to compromise.

Representative Lynne Ober – who is chairing the Committee of Conference – has asked House and Senate negotiators to come up with some proposals.

“Both legislative bodies knowing we have some common goals, knowing we want to move ahead, need to work on some alternative language to what we have on the table. So we can reach some common ground.”

The Committee is scheduled to meet again with draft amendments Thursday afternoon.