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Sarah Long Bridge Side Railings Hazardous

Another bridge between Portsmouth and Kittery Maine is undergoing emergency repairs.

Side railings on the Sarah Long, or Middle Bridge are so rusty; they present a hazard to any vehicle that accidentally slides into them. So, the two states are taking emergency measures to protect motorists.

Bill Boynton, with New Hampshire’s Department of Transportation, says that steel Jersey Barriers will be installed along the length of the 2800 foot span.

“It'll be placed along the shoulder, right there, the pretty tight shoulder between the white line and the bridge curb there, hopefully within the next couple of months,” said Boynton.

In the meantime, Boynton says, Maine Department of Transportation crews are placing barrels along the length of the bridge to warn motorists of the danger of hitting the side rails. A larger rehabilitation project is under consideration, with the state of Maine taking a lead role.