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House Passes Redistricting Plan

Sam Evans-Brown

 The New Hampshire House of Representatives passed a redistricting plan, but not before defeating a counter proposal from fellow republicans

A breakaway group of republicans made a strong showing with a revised map of house voting districts

The alternative map would keep Manchester whole, instead of lumping one of its wards with the town of Litchfield.

One of the sponsors of the amendment, Rep. Steve Vaillancourt,. R-Manchester, has been a vocal critic of the house leadership plan.

In a speech on the floor Vaillancourt said, "They just said no we can’t fix it, you can fix it, you need to go back to work and fix it, because if you don’t fix it it’s going to be declared unconstitutional, or vetoed and not overturned."

Much to the surprise of house leadership, the  substitute  map passed by a margin of 17 votes, forcing Republican leadership to stop the proceedings and call a huddle.

The doors of the house were closed and democrats asked to leave while Republicans caucused and flipped votes.

The amendment was then reconsidered and defeated.

The house leadership’s redistricting plan passed by 205 votes to 86.


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