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Senate Unveils Redistricting Plan


State Senate leadership says it’s drafted a redistricting plan that’s legal and doesn’t play politics.

Senate Democrats don’t really agree.

There was lots of talk about snakes and salamanders at the senate’s one – and only – public hearing on setting up 24 new senate districts for the next decade.

Majority Leader Jeb Bradley says the goal of the plan was to create districts that make sense, not win elections.

“When I call them snakes and salamanders, that’s what they look like in order to pick up different pockets of voters. I think when anybody looks at this map will realize that’s not what’s occurring here.”

Bradley says there are changes to the existing districts, but the changes he and other GOP leaders made were driven by math.

Democrats familiar with the plan say most changes benefit Republicans, making it harder for the party to retake control of the chamber.

Strategists say 6 seats will likely go Democratic, and 10 to Republicans, with the other 8 up for grabs.

The Senate Internal Affairs Committee is scheduled to vote on the new map next Wednesday.