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Democrats Mobilizing Voters for the Primary


The entire nation is watching as voting begins in today’s Republican Primary.

Meanwhile democrat voters are quietly turning out for that other primary.

SFX: Phone bank sounds

The night before primary day, volunteers are hard at work calling potential voters.

Kuster: Hi, is this Mrs. Singer? How are you this is Annie Kuster, calling from the Obama headquarters.

Ann Mclane Kuster, a democratic candidate for congress in 2012, was out working the phones.

She acknowledges that President Obama probably has this primary in the bag.

She says for the democrats the primary push is really about laying the groundwork for November.

Kuster: The emphasis tonight is to make certain that people across the country and across the state understand how important this election is.

Secretary of State Bill Gardner estimates that Democratic turnout will be about a third as many as Republicans.