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Shaheen Urges Activism to Support Federal Funding of Research

Casey McDermott
Senator Jeanne Shaheen speaking at UNH Thursday

Senator Jeanne Shaheen was at the University of New Hampshire Thursday talking to students and faculty about the potential effects of research funding cuts under the Trump administration’s proposed federal budget.

Asked what researchers and students might be able to do to change things, Shaheen said it’s important to start local — even when speaking out about federal policies.

“Contacting the state legislature here is important," she says, "because even though they will tell you, 'oh, those are federal programs, I don’t work on that,' it’s important for them to hear how you view this and why it’s important to New Hampshire. Contact the governor’s office because this governor does have some influence in this administration, so we need to let him know what we’re thinking.”

UNH received nearly 80% of its research funding from the federal government in 2016.

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