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Kentucky Hat Makers Accessorize With Masks For Upcoming Derby


The Kentucky Derby happens tomorrow in Louisville, Ky., after being postponed back in May. There will be no spectators at Churchill Downs, but that won't stop TV viewers from getting dressed up. And the famed derby hats are getting a 2020 upgrade.

HELEN OVERFIELD: I'm actually including a disposable surgical mask with each hat that I'm shipping.

KING: That's Helen Overfield. She owns Hats Off by Helen. She's been making hats for over 30 years. Some people are coordinating their masks with their hats.

RACHEL BELL: We did all solid-color masks, so it just basically compliments your hat and your outfit and doesn't take away from it.

KING: Rachel Bell runs The Hat Girls. They've partnered with a bow tie-making company called Pique Ties (ph) for the masks that go with their hats. And while people can find fancier, more elaborate masks from other hat-makers around town, here's what Bell says.

BELL: It needs to be functional. You're going to be drinking and eating all day. I think we knew that we would want to wear a mask that was functional, so we went the route of keeping it simple.

KING: So they've got all of you covered for the fastest two minutes in sports. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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