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Pop Culture Happy Hour: Cultural Dichotomies

Our big summer movie preview is coming to you Friday, and while we get that ready to go, we thought we'd revisit a conversation we had a few years ago about something you can't help arguing about: splits.

Not banana splits or celebrity splits, but splits of opinion. Chasms of pop culture. Do you like Star Trek or Star Wars? Do you like the first or the second Darren on Bewitched? And more to the point, together with our guest Petra Mayer, we talk about why these divisions exist in the first place. What do we get out of taking sides in battles about fiction? What does it say about us when we do?

On Friday, we'll be back here with Aisha Harris to talk about summer movies, from the ones we think will be huge to the ones we think might be flops. We'll see you then.

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