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Mileha Soneji: Can Simple Innovations Improve The Lives of Parkinson's Patients?

Part 1 of the TED Radio Hour episode Simple Solutions

About Mileha Soneji's TED Talk

When designer Mileha Soneji's uncle got Parkinson's, his quality of life deteriorated rapidly. Mileha couldn't cure her uncle's disease, so she designed simple ways to improve his everyday life.

About Mileha Soneji

Mileha Soneji is a strategic product designer from Pune, India. She studied design at MIT and earned a master's degree in strategic product design from Delft University in the Netherlands.

Her experience working as a designer in India and the Netherlands has taught her the importance of thorough research to find innovations that will best serve the user.

Her work includes designs for people with disabilities, from the No Spill Cup to a staircase illusion that helps Parkinson's patients walk more easily.

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