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What Would A Popular Health Care Plan Look Like?

Health care has become a partisan issue, but there are some areas of agreement.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Health care has become a partisan issue, but there are some areas of agreement.

A group of centrist lawmakers is set to begin work on a bipartisan health care bill. Meanwhile, public opinion is tilting in favor of government involvement in health care, with a third of Americans supporting a single-payer system.

If you locked experts of various political affiliations in a room and told them to draft a health care bill, what would they come up with? We’ll find out.


Chris Jennings, Former senior health policy adviser in the Clinton and Obama administrations; president of Jennings Policy Strategies, a consulting firm

Joseph Antos, Wilson H. Taylor scholar in health care and retirement policy at the American Enterprise Institute; former health adviser to the Congressional Budget Office

Mary Agnes Carey, Partnerships editor and senior correspondent, Kaiser Health News.

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