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Western North Carolina Voters Betrayed By Political Class Stand By Trump

Even as Donald Trump steadily slips in national polls, some parts of the country remain loyal. If Trump hopes to win the election, voter enthusiasm in these "red zones" will be crucial.

With Election Day looming, NPR's Ari Shapiro talked with voters in the town of Franklin, in the mountains of western North Carolina, where people overwhelmingly vote Republican.

While some Republicans nationally are holding their noses to vote for Trump, many people in Franklin are all in. They say they're tired of feeling betrayed by the political establishment.

"Trump is a street fighter, if you want to call him something," says Carla Miller, the county GOP chair. "He's fighting the media. He's fighting his own party, the establishment of his party, and he's fighting his opponent. I think that because of that, he emerges as our voice that fights for us."

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