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NPR News Nuggets: Tom Hanks The Wedding Crasher; Syrian Refugee Saves Ontario Wedding

Here's a quick roundup of some of the mini-moments you may have missed on this week's Morning Edition.


Watch out McKayla Maroney — Prince George is about to usurp your "not impressed" throne. During an official visit to Canada with his parents, Britain's little prince met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It doesn't look like Trudeau will be adding Prince George to his scores of adoring fans. In fact, as Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep told us on Monday, Prince George was not impressed with any of Trudeau's greeting attempts. Trudeau pulled out all the tricks, too. A low-five, a high-five and even a handshake, but Prince George basically said "hard pass." Give it a few years, Trudeau — kids grow out of things.

(P)oops, I Did It Again

It's common knowledge that not all's fair in love and war, but this situation just stinks. Stepping into a porta-potty is an experience no one looks forward to, but when a Los Angeles Rams fan stepped into one after a game his world got turned upside down. A Seattle Seahawks fan tipped over the porta-potty and the s*** literally hit the (ventilation) fan. As host David Greene told us on Tuesday's Morning Edition, a cleanup crew did come when a different — and much kinder — Seahawks fan came over to the scene and helped open the door, so the Rams fan could get out. By the way, the Rams won the game.

New York Nuptials

Finally married — it was the happiest day of their lives, so what could make it better? Tom Hanks! During a newlyweds' photo shoot in New York City's Central Park, the actor took a break from his jog to stop by and offer the couple his congratulations. Along with his well wishes, Hanks took a selfie with Elizabeth and Ryan, as Morning Edition host Renee Montagne told us Wednesday. The actor also ended up in some of the wedding photos. Needless to say Hanks and the couple went together like peas and carrots.

It seems like the luck in Central Park did not extend to Yankee Stadium, as a guy dropped to his knee — and dropped the ring at the same time. Everyone watched as he tried to propose to his girlfriend but ended up searching the stands for the ring. In the end, he got the ring, a yes and a more interesting proposal story than he was hoping for.

Sew Heartfelt

Zippers break all the time, but when a bride's dress zipper broke just hours before her wedding in Ontario, the situation got a little hectic. As Morning Edition host Renee Montagne told us Thursday, one of the bridesmaids went to get sewing supplies, but instead came back with a "Master Tailor." The tailor, Ibrahim Halil Dudu, had been in Canada only four days when he was called into action. Dudu is a Syrian refugee from Aleppo, where he worked as a tailor for 28 years. He was thrilled to save the day. "I like to help Canadian people from my heart," he said.

Wynne Davis is a Digital News intern.

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