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Prepare To Have Your Fear Of Heights Triggered ... Soothingly

Last Friday, six members of the "vertical dance troupe" BANDALOOP marked the grand opening of a new 17-story building in Boston's Seaport District by suspending themselves from wires and dancing against its side.

Actually "dancing" doesn't quite cover it.

The performance is beautiful: they weave, undulate and soar with a muscular grace.

The performance is also, if you're one of the millions who harbor even the thinnest sliver of a perfectly logical and utterly defensible fear of heights in your soul, absolutely terrifying.

Watching it, we experience a weirdly specific mixture of awe and fear — both at once, bound inextricably up with one another.

The CBS affiliate in Boston posted this video to its Facebook page last Friday, and over 3 million people have watched it there. But there's a good chance, given the horrific events of last weekend, that you missed it. There's an even better chance, given those events, that you need it.

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