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Shooting Victims' Names Released By San Bernardino Sheriff's Office


At a moment like this, it's inevitable that we try to learn everything we can about the shooters in San Bernardino. Police say a county employee and his wife were the ones who opened fire on a holiday party. But we'll also take a moment for the victims. Here's NPR's Nathan Rott.

NATHAN ROTT, BYLINE: They ranged in age from 26 to 60. One was a father of six; another was recently engaged to be married. Friends and family remembered the 14 victims as loving and bright, motivated and faithful. Timothy Lee described 27-year-old Sierra Clayborn to member station KPCC as a close friend and supporter of him since they met in a dance class in college.

TIMOTHY LEE: She was always a bright spot that just went the extra mile. She definitely had a gift for that.

ROTT: Clayborn worked as an environmental health specialist for San Bernardino County. Forty-six-year-old Bennetta Bet-Badal also worked for the county. Bet-Badal was Iranian by birth. She fled to America at the age of 18 following the Iranian Revolution and eventually settled in California, where she had three children. Her neighbor, Victoria Naranjo, described her to KPCC as a godly woman with a fun-loving side.

VICTORIA NARANJO: She was delightful. Usually at Christmastime her and I would melt a little bit and dance. And it was so cute.

ROTT: The victims were men and women; parents and children; ethnically, racially and religiously diverse. What they all had in common is that they're gone too soon. Nathan Rott, NPR News, San Bernardino. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Nathan Rott is a correspondent on NPR's National Desk, where he focuses on environment issues and the American West.

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