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Hotel Room Rates Skyrocket For Republican National Convention In Cleveland


The summer is almost over, but it's not too early to start planning for next to summer.


And if you're considering a trip to Cleveland and need a place to stay, you might want to avoid the week of July 18.

SIEGEL: Most of the hotels in northeast Ohio are already booked for that week for the Republican National Convention.

MARTIN: Hey, but the Super 8 in the suburb of Strongsville has some rooms left. They usually go for about $50 a night.

SIEGEL: Let's not pack for Strongsville just yet. The same room during the RNC is $754 a night. The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Andrew Tobias discovered this on Hotels.com.

ANDREW TOBIAS: Strongsville is best-known for being the home of one of the malls on the southwest side of Cleveland.

SIEGEL: For $754 a night, you get free Wi-Fi and a continental breakfast.

MARTIN: I would hope so, and, Robert, don't forget the free parking.

SIEGEL: Super 8 would not respond to Andrew Tobias's request for an interview, and we didn't have any luck either.

MARTIN: Tobias says, if you need to be in Cleveland that week, there are other options.

TOBIAS: There's a fair number of listings on Airbnb that were kind of more sort of market rate. So if somebody really wants to come here and they don't mind potentially sleeping in someone's spare bedroom then that might be the way to go.

SIEGEL: Also for your planning purposes, Philadelphia hosts the Democratic National Convention the following week, starting July 25. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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