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Boston Less Than 2 Inches Away From Breaking Snowfall Record


Now, a Boston wish for more snow, seriously.

BRIAN FITZGERALD: One storm. That's all we need. Just one even brief shower.

BLOCK: That's Brian Fitzgerald. He's chief observer at Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center, just outside Boston. And here's the thing - there has been lots of lots of snow. Ridiculous, punishing amounts of snow. But not enough yet to make it Boston's snowiest winter ever. For that to happen, the city would need to get another 1.9 inches to break the record of 107.6 inches of snow. That happened in the winter of 1995 and '96. So, for all of the suffering and shoveling, no satisfaction.

FITZGERALD: I think I would be pretty disappointed if it didn't happen, just because we've literally just about broken every other conceivable record we have here. I feel like it'd almost be all for naught if it didn't happen.

BLOCK: The current weather forecast doesn't show any significant chance for snow in the next week. But hey Boston, you waited 86 years for a World Series win. It's OK, there's always next year. You're listening to ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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