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Historic Snow Storm Buries Buffalo, N.Y.


Now let's pause for a moment to think about what qualifies as news. A snowstorm in Buffalo, New York? Not normally. But this week's snowstorm in Buffalo is so big it does.

MARK POLONCARZ: There are some parts of our community that are going to receive the equivalent of a whole year's worth of snowfall in three days.


That's Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz. He declared a state of emergency with up to six feet of snow falling in parts of Erie County.

MONTAGNE: Several people have died. Governor Andrew Cuomo called in the National Guard.

INSKEEP: And Buffalonians - that's what they're called - have been sending photos to the world.

MONTAGNE: One photo shows a dog that needs to go out but is faced by a wall of snow completely blocking the open front door.

INSKEEP: Another photo shows an open door covered by a wall of snow in which someone has ingeniously dug out shelves, turning it into a beer fridge.

MONTAGNE: People who made it out have braved the elements.

CAROLYN GOMBERT: You know, if you double up on your tights, put on some mittens, you're pretty good to go and do anything.

INSKEEP: OK. For Carolyn Gombert (ph), that meant cross-country skiing through streets. Member station WBFO asked her about the snow.

GOMBERT: Oh, it was great. It was deep. There were cars. You couldn't even see them just buried underneath feet of snow.

MONTAGNE: And it's far from over. Forecasters predict more cold air across the Midwest and Northeast today and tomorrow and more snow for Buffalo. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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