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Pie Crust Scandal Hits Kentucky State Fair


Some related news now - it's alarming. It is news out of this year's Kentucky State Fair.


It involves the crust of this year's prize-winning buttermilk pie. You know, I used to live in Kentucky. It's actually buttermilk pie. Anyway, the prize-winning buttermilk pie had a crust that may have been store-bought.

GREENE: Linda Horton won the top prize. But when she shared her winning recipe with the Louisville Courier Journal, she let slip that she used a pre-made Pillsbury pie crust. She says, it is less crumbly and more buttery that her own creations.

INSKEEP: This sparked outrage and an investigation that could see Horton lose her prize. Steve Lee, the superintendent of the state fair culinary department says, quote, "if we award a first place a ribbon for a pie that Pillsbury made, we would have to give the ribbon to Pillsbury."

GREENE: State fair officials told Horton they'd make a decision about her her prize within two weeks. She says, she's decided to avoid all this drama next year. She's not going to enter the pie contest again. She's entering the cake competition instead, which is far less crusty.

INSKEEP: There you go. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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