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Seinfeld Lends Himself To An 'Album About Nothing'


WALE: (Singing) Ain't been a black hero since Robert Townsend, so, Meteor Man, I hope you found something profound enough to expand on before the sound (unintelligible).


That's Washington, D.C.-based rapper Wale with a song from his latest album "The Gifted." The 28-year-old is riding high in the Billboard charts. taking the number one spot from Kanye West's "Yeezus." But we think Wale's album is interesting for reasons other than just its success - namely this:

JERRY SEINFELD: Yeah, I came in to do the album.

WALE: Right.

SEINFELD: I thought we were doing the album today.

WERTHEIMER: If that voice sounds like Jerry Seinfeld, that's because it is Jerry Seinfeld. He appears at the very end of the song "Black Heroes" with an outro about nothing. As it turned out, Jerry turned up a little earlier than expected.

SEINFELD: I'm ready to do it right now. I want to do it.


WALE: I'm not too sure, Jerry.

SEINFELD: Well, who is sure? Who, who is in charge of this?

WALE: This is gifted, this is the "Gifted" session. This isn't album about nothing. This is the "Gifted" session.

SEINFELD: Oh, this is the "Gifted" session?

WALE: Yeah, for the album that I got now.

SEINFELD: OK. All right. Then I guess I'll come back?

WALE: Please.

WERTHEIMER: Wale is a big fan of Seinfeld, and it looks like they will be working together on his next album also - "The Album about Nothing." If you're a gambling man, you might get short odds on a track titled "What's the Deal with That?" Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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