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Morning Shots: Please, Please, Take All This Free Junk And Put It Somewhere

My favorite link of the day is the A.V. Club swag wrap-up. I got some of this stuff, but not all of it. And I'm still trying to get rid of some of it. [The A.V. Club]

This piece about vulgarity in women's magazines is impossibly precious (not in an entirely bad way), not least because they have to write an entire article about profanity without even using asterisks or dashes or anything, to the point where at times, I genuinely have no idea what swear words they're talking about. [The New York Times]

It's hard to care a lot about Oscar voting, but it's intriguing that reports indicate that technical problems with the e-voting system might slightly alter the makeup of the actual voters. [The Hollywood Reporter]

There's no time to waste — now that you've heard everybody talk about their favorite films of 2012, it's time to start thinking about the films of 2013. No, really — critic Todd McCarthy is as good a source as any for some early intel. [The Hollywood Reporter]

So apparently, they're selling the upcoming return of Smash purely on substance, right? []

The Los Angeles Times has a charming wrap-up of literary resolutions for 2013, including Pal Of Monkey See Pamela Ribon, whose baby has apparently altered some of her reading and writing habits. [The L.A. Times]

And finally, on to the soothsaying: Hitfix has a wrap-up of predictions for 2013. [Hitfix]

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Linda Holmes is a pop culture correspondent for NPR and the host of Pop Culture Happy Hour. She began her professional life as an attorney. In time, however, her affection for writing, popular culture, and the online universe eclipsed her legal ambitions. She shoved her law degree in the back of the closet, gave its living room space to DVD sets of The Wire, and never looked back.

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