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Pop Culture Happy Hour: Out Of Season Entertainment And A TV Quiz

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We know you're traveling; we're traveling, too! But we thought we'd send the show out early, just in case you have time to throw it on your iPod before you go over the river and through the woods.

With Glen off visiting his mother's holiday-outfitted goose, we figured it was time for you to meet Jess Gitner, our fabulous new producer who has made it possible for us to adjust to the departure of Mike Katzif without collapsing into complete despair. We are wild about Jess, and we're very glad she joined us for the show to prove that on top of her considerable production and editing skills, she's a delightful participant and chatterbox, and for once, I have someone to talk about romantic comedies with.

Just ahead of the holidays, we kick things off with a discussion of the holiday-themed entertainment that we can happily consume at any time of year. Jess has probably the best example, which brings us into a discussion of a movie we've spent scandalously little time talking about. We also discuss sacred music that only seems like Christmas music, as well as Christmas novelty songs, not to mention this terrifying video.

And then it's time for one of my favorite things: tormenting my co-workers with a quiz about holiday television that's coming up in the next month or so. I won't lie: this is a kind of quiz I absolutely love writing and administering, only partly because it completely messes with Stephen's mind to try to figure out which ones I made up. Suffice it to say — they did well, but not that well. It's really hard to figure out what holiday television is real. Really, depressingly hard.

Our discussion of what's making us happy this week brings Stephen to this surprising little ditty. Trey appreciates the support of friends on difficult days, and he also has been mainlining a (great) comedy that's new to him and appreciating a theatrical voice that surprised him. Jess enjoyed this Swedish film that presented some storylines she hasn't seen all that often. And I am made happy by getting to live in my house again, and by indulging in Chopped on The Food Network, because I like it when people have to figure out how to work gummy bears into an appetizer.

Please keep in touch with us — you can find us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter: me, Trey, Glen, Stephen, Jess, and our producer emeritus and music director Mike.

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