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NHPR Honored with Statewide Broadcasting Awards


An outhouse that doubles as a voting booth, rogue bears on the rampage in Hanover, and a thoughtful look into New Hampshire’s opioid crisis are some of the stories and journalism projects earning New Hampshire Public Radio accolades from the state’s leading association of broadcasters.

NHPR earned seven first place awards in the 2017 Granite Mikes competition, bestowed by the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters. Each year, radio and television stations from across the state compete in multiple categories recognizing all facets of broadcasting – from best use of digital media, best newscast and spot news, to best station promotion.

NHPR dominated in three categories: Documentary News, Feature Story, and Sports Feature, sweeping both the first-place and the second place (merit) awards. Host Sam Evans-Brown and the Outside/In team took first place in the Documentary News category, with a story focusing on the accidental history of solar power. The NHPR News team then took the merit award in the category, for an ongoing reporting project that looks into how government, the healthcare system, local communities and citizens are responding to the opioid crisis in New Hampshire.

Reporter Sean Hurley garnered both merit and first-place accolades in the Feature Story category. Hurley took the merit award for a profile of longtime AP photographer Jim Cole, and the top prize for a story on an Ashland farm stand’s outhouse turned voting booth. 

In the Sports Feature category, Seacoast reporter Jason Moon earned a merit award for a look at the state’s big buck hunters, while Sam Evans-Brown and the Outside/In team claimed first place with a look at community ski areas.

Congratulations to all New Hampshire broadcasters earning citations in this year’s Granite Mikes competition!

The full list of NHPR winners:


Radio - First 

NH Public Radio – The Exchange


Radio - First 

Hanover’s Rogue Bears Make Big News (Britta Greene)


Radio - First 

The Accidental History of Solar Power  (Sam Evans-Brown and the Outside/In team)

Radio – Merit

NH Public Radio – Crossroad: The New Hampshire Opioid Reporting Project


Radio - First 

Yup, That Outhouse is Also A Voting Booth– Sean Hurley

Radio –Merit

Show Me a Story: Photographer Jim Cole Looks Back at a Career Spent Behind the LensSean Hurley


Radio - First 

NHPR – Morning Edition Newscast with Rick Ganley – 9.14.2016


Radio - First 

Gnar Pow: Is Skiing a Sport for Just Rich People? -   Sam Evans-Brown and the Outside/In team

Radio – Merit

From Dive Bars to World Championships: Meet N.H.’s ‘Big Buck Hunter’ Pros – Jason Moon


Radio - First 


Writers on a New England Stage