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Trade and Business Training, South of the Border

Liz Jones of KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio

NHPR Reporter Todd Bookman recently traveled to Mexico City for a specialized radio workshop pertaining to trade, business, and the issues impacting immigrant communities.

Bookman, a general assignment reporter with a focus on business and economics, was one of a dozen journalists in the US public media system selected to participate in the training. NPR’s Planet Money program sponsored the workshop, aiming to train reporters on how to cover often complex trade and business issues in the “Planet Money-style” – conversational, approachable, even fun.

The two-day workshop focused on story conception, interviewing, and finding relevant sources pertaining to trade. Bookman and other members of the group were able to share story ideas and gather feedback on stories already in progress. International reporters also joined the group to share their perspectives on reporting on cross-cultural issues.

Bookman is already applying some of the learnings from Mexico City in his day-to-day reporting.

“Those Planet Money cats really know how to spin a yarn,” said Bookman, with a smile. “Hopefully some of it rubbed off on me.”