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Legislature Gears Up For Medicaid Session, With No Deal Yet Announced

For the next two weeks, lawmakers will be in Concord to discuss Medicaid expansion, including an up-or-down vote. Governor Maggie Hassan says she’s open to ideas for how to expand the health program, but wants to make sure any final plan works for the state.

Hassan and leaders of both parties have been meeting privately to discuss ways to expand Medicaid, but as of yet haven’t hinted at a deal.

Last month, a study commission recommended a plan put forward by Democratic Representative Tom Sherman that expands Medicaid for individuals earning up to about $15,000 a year, but relies on private insurance for some newly eligible.

Hassan says negotiations with top Republicans may yield another approach.

“We are open to their ideas, some of which are different than the ones in the Commission report,” says Hassan. “At the end of the day, the ideas have to be workable and they have to be cost effective, for the state and the people.”

Senate Republicans are holding a press conference Thursday to discuss their vision for expansion. Any plan will need the approval of both chambers, with a final vote slated for November 21st.    

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