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Anthem Tells Senators It Likely Won't Add More Hospitals To Narrow Network

Todd Bookman

New Hampshire Senators expressed frustration with Anthem Blue Cross on Wednesday about the insurance products they plan to sell in the new health marketplaces. 

Many senators are concerned about Anthem’s plan to offer a 'narrow network' for individual policies that won’t include 10 of the state’s 26 hospitals.

Anthem President Lisa Guertin says New Hampshire has some of the highest insurance prices in the country. She defends the narrow network as a way to reduce costs by up to 25%.

"If we’re not willing to live with some disruption and some change, we are never going to be able to improve that," says Guertin.

Anthem says it likely won’t add any more hospitals to its network despite lawmakers’ pleas. It says the network does include 74% of the state's primary care providers and meets all requirements under state law.

On Tuesday the company released sample rates of the 11 plans it will offer starting October 1st.

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