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Public Calls For Easy, Affordable Health Exchange Experience

A day after the Federal government approved the state’s application for a partnership health exchange, the public had its chance to weigh in on the new insurance marketplaces.

Small business owners, parents and advocates lined up in Concord at an event organized by AARP and NH Voices for Health. Speakers expressed concerns about affordability.

Many called for more transparency.

Another fear is the sheer complexity of shopping for health insurance. Lisa Kaplan Howe with NH Voices hopes the new marketplaces will streamline the process.

Howe: “We want to have a range of plans available to people and we want people to be able to choose the best plan for them, but if they are inundated by so many plans that have very small differences, that completely undermines the choices they’ll be able to make.”

The new marketplaces are a key component of the federal health care overhaul law. Individuals and small businesses will buy their coverage through the system starting in January 2014.

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