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Giving Matters

New Parents Getting Back On Their Feet With The Family Place

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The Family Place provides a variety of services to help young families through a myriad of challenges. Jennifer Smith learned about the Family Place when her daughter was a newborn and in neo-natal intensive care.

Jennifer:  My daughter Dakota was born five weeks pre-mature, we were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for two weeks, and while we were there her resident doctor suggested we check out the Family Place for support. They offer a program called the Families Learning Together program, which helps young mothers get together with other mothers to help give us training skills in different job areas, but they also will help one get their GED, they bring in different parenting classes, or they help you find any resource you need.

The family place helped me with housing, with getting a vehicle, and with the application process of going back to school. I went to college for early childhood education; I finished my degree and I am currently employed as a toddler teacher. The Family Place still helps me with subsidies so my own child can attend day care as well and I can keep employed. When I went to the Family Place I was ready to change. Whatever they said, I did, and they were with me a hundred percent of the way.

I am completely different now. I am so sure of myself, extremely confident, I’m a go-getter, I have no problem doing what I have to do for me or my daughter. I support my daughter on my own, I am completely off of state aid, and I am full time employed. I am just very self sufficient now, and I am able to teach my daughter those things as well. She needs a strong Mom, and that’s what she has now.  

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