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Zebra Crossings Makes Kids Feel Normal

Water safety is one of the many activities the kids engage in at Zebra Crossing.

Zebra Crossings provides opportunities for kids with chronic health conditions to expand their experiences and find greater independence.

Eight-year-old Haiden Hesse-Stromberg lives with asthma. She says, “It’s a chance for kids to do activities they don’t usually get to do and for kids to make new friends.”

Her mother, Heather, appreciates the safe atmosphere Zebra Crossings has created. She says, “It’s become a really essential part of our lives with Haiden. We have seen a dramatic transformation from a shy child to a child who is willing to put herself out there.

Before attending Zebra Crossings “Circus Camp,” Haiden often saw her asthma as an obstacle to interacting with her peers. The camp offered her the opportunity to perform in front of the other kids and, after her first performance, Heather says, “I saw Haiden’s eyes bigger than saucers watching everyone applaud her with this unconditional acceptance.”

Haiden came out of her shell after that experience, jumping at every opportunity to perform at her school. Says Heather, “I really credit Zebra Crossings with giving her the opportunity to become the child that she is.”

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