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Outside/In: The Ramen Wasp Murders & Other Mysteries

Like deer flies, the bite of the greenhead is quite painful.
Ed Hoopes
Like deer flies, the bite of the greenhead is quite painful.

In this episode, we introduce our new mailbag segment, where we answer your questions about the natural world. This time:

Question 1: What are those blue boxes sticking out of East Coast salt marshes?

Question 2: A bunch of wasps swarmed into my friend’s bowl of ramen and died. What poisoned the wasps?

Question 3: Did life begin on Earth just once? Or could it have happened multiple times during the same period?

Question 4: If you ironed out all the mountains in a place like New Hampshire - how much bigger would the surface area of the state be?

Featuring: Gabrielle Sakolsky, Luke Steller, Jared Dyer, Debbie Maciecki, Larry Garland, and Russell Congalton

If you’ve got a question for the Outside/In[box] hotline, give us a call! We’re always looking for rabbit holes to dive down into. Leave us a voicemail at: 1-844-GO-OTTER (844-466-8837). Don’t forget to leave a number so we can call you back.

Outside/In is a show where curiosity and the natural world collide. Click here for podcast episodes and more.

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