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Portsmouth Mulls Banning Distribution Of Single-Use Styrofoam Containers

Screenshot via City of Portsmouth

Portsmouth's city council voted Monday night to begin considering a local ban on some single-use plastic products. It targets Styrofoam and it also affects city-sponsored events in terms of restricting single-use plastics like straws and plastic bags.

Portsmouth City Councilor Josh Denton has been trying for years to pass some version of this ban. Earlier this year, he proposed barring businesses in the city from distributing most single-use plastic straws and shopping bags.

Since then, the state legislature has killed two bills that would have imposed similar bans statewide. And Denton has scaled down his proposal for Portsmouth – in part.

The new version of the plan would prohibit the distribution of Styrofoam cups and containers at all stores and restaurants in the city.

It would only restrict other single-use disposables, like plastic straws and bags, at stores and events on city property – like the Portsmouth farmers' market, or Prescott Park Arts Festival.

The proposal faces several hearings by the city council before it can become law.

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