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Local N.H. Conservation, Climate Groups Launch Renewable Energy Campaign

Annie Ropeik / NHPR


Renewable energy advocates say they want to see more communities cutting emissions and pushing for offshore wind development in New Hampshire.


The League of Conservation Voters launched a new campaign in Portsmouth on Wednesday to push for those reforms at the state and local levels. 


At town meetings this spring, 19 communities voted to urge the state to ask for a federal study of offshore wind in New Hampshire. Doug Bogen, with the Seacoast Anti-Pollution League, says his region would see huge economic and environmental benefits from that development.


"We’re talking big technology here, major manufacturing, and the city of Portsmouth could play a big role in that, and neighboring communities as well," he says.


Groups like his also want to see more towns trying to zero out their greenhouse gas emissions. 


Portsmouth aims to do that by having its city buildings produce more renewable energy than they consume within the decade. After that, the city will tackle the carbon footprints of homes, businesses and vehicles. 

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