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Judge Says Water Pollution Lawsuit Against Pease Can Go Forward


A judge on Tuesday ruled that a water pollution lawsuit against the Pease Development Authority can proceed.

The lawsuit is by the Conservation Law Foundation, or CLF, against the management of the Air-Force base turned business district at Pease.

At issue is storm water runoff. The CLF says the 3,000 acre property is discharging polluted rainwater into Great Bay without the proper permits from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Tom Irwin with CLF says it’s a problem that’s only gotten worse as development at Pease has continued.

“We now have, effectively a small city, comprised of large office parks, large parking lots, new streets; so we now have a lot more storm water being generated, causing negative impacts to the Great Bay estuary.”

Pease officials have argued their storm water runoff is already regulated under a different permit.

Hearings in the case have yet to be scheduled.

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