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Air Force to Give Update on Cleanup Efforts at Pease


Efforts to clean up PFCs at the former Pease Air Force Base will be the topic of a meeting tonight in Portsmouth. Air Force officials plan to give an update on where those efforts stand, 3 years after the contamination was first discovered.

The Air Force says it has spent $25 million to clean up perfluorochemicals at Pease since 2014, when the industrial chemicals were first discovered there. It also says that by the end of this year, it will have spent an additional $30 million on those efforts.

At tonight’s meeting of the Pease Restoration Advisory Board, Air Force officials will outline what they call the “last remaining restoration projects.”

The Restoration Advisory Board includes Air Force officials, state and federal regulators, and members of the local community.

At least 1500 people were exposed to PFCs at Pease, mostly through contaminated drinking water. Many of those affected have been calling for the Air Force to fund a study to better understand the health impacts of exposure to the industrial chemicals.

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