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$1 Million in Grants Awarded for Restoration of N.H. Habitats

Bryan Hanson

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation announced a million dollars in grants Tuesday to restore New Hampshire’s forest and fish habitat.

Eight organizations received funding to restore wildlife habitat in New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine. Collectively, the groups will open nearly 200 miles of streams for fish passage and improve habitat for the New England Cottontail, American woodcock, and golden-winged warblers.

Eversource, New Hampshire’s largest electric utility, is donating the bulk of the funding.

Amanda Bassow is Northeastern Regional Director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and she says that protecting one species has a positive ripple effect through the ecosystem.

She says, “It's really making sure that we are managing our forests to provide that diversity and complexity of habitat that in fact a range of species relies upon.”

Restoration work begins this summer.

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