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photo: Rise

RISE takes listeners on a journey of the San Francisco Bay: underneath the surface to swim with harbor seals and phytoplankton, overhead to soar with a million migratory birds, and along the coast to explore marshlands and skyscrapers that ring the Bay. On the way, this program addresses the impact of climate change. Projected sea level rise, snow pack melt and increased storm surges threaten to flood the Bay’s coastlines, including roads and airports, shoreline cities, the Financial District and Delta farmlands. Designing a creative response can save lives and livelihoods as well as natural treasures. This local story, with national and international implications, can serve as a model for coastal communities from Manhattan to Los Angeles and beyond.

Program Three: Chuey’s Story

Part Three introduces us to a single community and family. While adaptation to climate change is necessary, it will not be easy. And in the process, there will be winners and losers.

Listen to the full documentary here: http://www.searise.org/