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Sununu Urges Lawmakers to Support Sweeping School Choice Bill

Jason Moon for NHPR

A controversial school choice bill faces an important vote before lawmakers tomorrow.

The bill would create a type of school voucher system in the state, where parents could take their children out of their local public school and then spend the tax dollars that would have gone to that public school on other educational purposes, like private school tuition or home school supplies.

The proposal was hotly debated last legislative session and ultimately tabled by lawmakers.

Now, a revised version of the bill is facing a key vote in the House Education Committee Wednesday morning.

Ahead of that vote, Gov. Chris Sununu urged lawmakers to support it.

“This is a turning point. This is an absolute turning point. It is not just another bill hitting the House of Representatives, hitting a committee, and hopefully hitting my desk. This is going to be the turning point where people say, ‘this is where New Hampshire started to really lead the country.’”

If the bill becomes law, it would be one of the most sweeping school choice programs in the country.

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