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Audit Finds Room for Improvement In N.H. Community College System

NHPR Staff

A new audit of the state’s Community College system found dozens of areas in need of improvement.

The audit, from the state’s Legislative Budget Assistant, identified 29 different areas of concern, ranging from unclear delineation of powers to conflicts of interests to questionable spending.

Republican State Senator John Reagan requested the audit.

“This was a little more disturbing than I’m used to seeing. I’ve been doing performance audits since I’ve been in the legislature, so this is year 12. And this seemed to have a pretty significant number of items.”

Reagan stressed that the findings pertain to the management of the Community College system and don’t reflect on the experience of students.

The Community College System concurred with the majority of the audit’s findings.

In a statement, it says it will convene a task force to address the concerns that were raised.

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