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State Board of Education Weighs Review of Math and English Standards

Jason Moon for NHPR

Dozens of people showed up to the State Board of Education meeting Thursday morning. They came to weigh in on a proposal to reevaluate the state standards on math and English.

Board members heard from parents, teachers, and business leaders on a request made by Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut to reevaluate the state standards in math and English. These standards define what students should know, and help shape what actually gets taught in the classroom.

John DePetro was among those in favor of a review.

“My question is: if it’s important to assess our kids, shouldn’t it be at least as important to assess our assessment standards?”

Those opposed to a review said the current standards are working and that a review is a costly process that would divert resources from more pressing priorities.

An earlier request made by Edelblut to review the state science standards was voted down by the board of education.